Twins = Dead. Woot!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All I can say is, ABOUT TIME, and grats to Downfall. The kill happened yesterday. Best kill image, though, is:

You can click all of them to make them bigger, and there are many more pictures. So here they are:


Monday, June 9, 2008

Hooray, t6 bracers. Wiped a lot on Kalec, and had a few tries on brutallus. Not too bad I suppose. Other than being asked to give a shaman my innervate. Crazy people.

And yes, all 5 of those shadow priests are ours.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

I was mentioned at Resto4Life. So I figured I should post some sort of update!

The days of summer are blending together here in Arizona. Guildwise, it is the same. On Tuesday we cleared some of BT (when we should have done Kalec/Brutallus). Wednesday, BT, cleared to council. Thursday, we had a lot of tries on Kalec, but it seems our healers weren't focused. So we headed to Illidan only to get crap loot, (wtb momento's for Stacia. Then we headed to Hyjal, and did everything but Azgalor and Archimonde. If we don't have a sunwell group on Sunday or Monday... That's probably where we'll be.

Friday we had done TK, as I mentioned before. Didn't kill Kael in the first night, and on Saturday we did SSC, Lurker, Vashj, Leo, Morogrim. Vashj was a two shot, and stil no mace, or robes for Sethcran. No DST either on our earlier run of Mag and Gruul.

How do some of your guilds deal with people not showing up? We had some good attempts on Eredar Twins, and now we can't even get the people to do Kalec. Yes, Downfall is recruiting certain classes. I'm hoping sometime soon we can get back to Sunwell full time, and kickass on twins. And maybe if we're lucky we can get a Apostle of Argus to drop if we do kill Archimonde.

On a serious note, if you know anyone who is a good player, and t6 equivelant, and looking for somewhere to go, Downfall may be a good choice for you.

And maybe druids will be seeing an out of combat resurrection, as stated by Phaelia of Resto4Life, in her blog Phaelia Wishes to Cast Revive on You …. All I can say is, hopefully.