Monday, June 9, 2008

Hooray, t6 bracers. Wiped a lot on Kalec, and had a few tries on brutallus. Not too bad I suppose. Other than being asked to give a shaman my innervate. Crazy people.

And yes, all 5 of those shadow priests are ours.


Bell said...

Mmm, Sunwell. Waaaant *grabby hands*

Last time I was in BT, I gave a prot pally my innervate by raid leader request. Three times. Only one was on accident (getting used to a new macro, oops!). Everybody wants druid love :) They know it's not always going to be given to them, but we were on trash so I was feeling generous!

William Marchiori said...

Hey, do you recall someone by the name of Myselfmetal? ;p